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Quality Over Quantity

Hello I am Tiffany the Assistant.

I work with select few girls to bring the best experiences to our friends. Also, I strive to provide the best work environment for my models. If quality is what you are looking for then look no further. My models and I are committed to bring you the best experience possible each and every time. We tour many cities all over the U.S. so please visit the Tour Info tab for current tour dates.

If you are a current friend it is very easy to book with me just text me at: 202-753-9989

If you are a new friend please visit my contact tab and follow the instructions and email me.

-- Love, Tiffany (The Assistant)

Email address: SashaStolin@protonmail.ch

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sashastolin?lang=en

Cash: https://cash.me/$sasha081

TER:  http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=267761

Text Only: 202-753-9989